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TOD MUN  –  $8.50
Deep Fried Spicy Fishcake Served with Cucumber- Peanut Sauce

SATAY  –  $8.50
Bar-B-Q Pork or Chicken Skewers served with Peanut and Cucumber Sauce

Puff Pastries with Spiced Chicken and Potatoes, Served with Cucumber Sauce

Bangkok Garden Chicken Basket –  $8.50
Chicken Wings Stuffed with Crabmeat and Mushroom

Crispy Wonton with Pork  –  $7.50

Crispy Wonton with Shrimp  –  $8.50

**Hot and Sour Beef or Squid  –  $8.50

**Hot and Sour Shrimp  –  $9.95

**Yum Pla Grob  –  $9.95
Crispy Shredded Fish with Lime Juice, Onion, Scallions and Cilantro

**Nam  –  $8.50
Spicy Ground Pork with Onion, Ginger, and Peanut

**Spicy Bean Thread with Pork and Shrimp (Yum Woon Sen)  –  $8.50
Bean Thread Noodle Mixed with Ground Pork, Shrimps, Scallions, Red Onion, Cilantro, Fresh Chili Pepper and Lime Juice

**LARB  –  $8.50
Spicy Ground Chicken or Pork Mixed with Rice Powder, Scallions, Red Onion, Cilantro, Fresh Chili Pepper and Lime Juice

**Yum Ta-Krai – $8.50
Shrimp, Squid, and Minced Pork Tossed with Lemon Grass, Red Onion, Roasted Peanut, Cilantro, Scallion and Spicy Lime Juice

**Pla Mug Ma-Now –  $8.50
Steamed Fresh Squid with Chopped Garlic, and Tangy Lime Dressing

Bangkok Garden Special Beef  –  $8.50

Bangkok Garden Egg Roll – $1.95

Combination Appetizers  –  $12.95
Chicken Basket (2), Egg Roll (2), Hoy Jawh (3), Crispy Won-ton pork (4)

Summer Rolls  –  $5.50
Rice Paper Wrapped with Shrimp or Tofu, Vermicelli Noodles, Lettuce, and Basil Leaves Served with Homemade Peanut Sauce

Crispy Shrimp Cake  –  $8.50

Hoy Jawh  –  $8.50
Crispy Pork and Crabmeat Dumping

Kanom Jeeb –  $8.50
Steamed Crab Meat and Pork Dumpling

Pot Stickers  –  $5.50
Steamed or Deep Fried Vegetable Dumpling Served with Homemade Sweet Soy Sauce

Chive Dumpling  –  $4.50
Steam or Fried Dumpling, Served with Sweet Soy Sauce