Reference Book for Class 10

Class 10 Hindi Book

As students transition into Class 10, the pressure to perform well in board examinations becomes paramount. Selecting the proper reference books is crucial to ensure comprehensive understanding and preparation. Yellow Bird Publications has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality educational material. Here, we discuss the best Reference Book for Class 10 students, covering essential subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Hindi, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Physics.

Why Choose Yellow Bird Publications?

Yellow Bird Publications is renowned for its meticulously crafted educational books. Which fosters a deeper understanding of subjects and enhances exam preparedness. Their reference books for Class 10 are designed with an in-depth approach. Ensuring students grasp concepts effectively and perform well in their board exams.

Comprehensive Biology Class 10 Book

The Biology Class 10 Book from Yellow Bird Publications stands out due to its structured layout, detailed explanations, and ample diagrams. This book covers all essential topics, such as life processes, control and coordination, reproduction, and heredity and evolution. It provides clear and concise information, making complex concepts easier to understand. Additionally, the book includes various questions ranging from objective to long-answer types, aiding students in their preparation for theoretical and practical exams.

In-Depth Chemistry Class 10 Book

Chemistry can often be a challenging subject for many students. The Chemistry Class 10 Book by Yellow Bird Publications simplifies this subject through its well-organized chapters and step-by-step explanations. Topics include chemical reactions, equations, acids, bases, salts, metals, and non-metals. And carbon compounds are covered comprehensively. The book also includes numerous solved examples, practice questions, and board exam questions from previous years, ensuring thorough preparation.

Engaging Class 10 Hindi Book

The Class 10 Hindi Book from Yellow Bird Publications is an excellent choice for students looking to excel in their Hindi exams. This book covers the syllabus the board prescribes, including prose, poetry, and grammar sections. Each chapter is followed by a summary and word meanings. And questions that test students’ understanding and analytical skills. The book’s engaging language and easy-to-understand explanations make it a favorite among students.

Mastering Mathematics with Class 10 Maths Book

Mathematics often requires rigorous practice and a firm grasp of concepts. The Class 10 Maths Book from Yellow Bird Publications is meticulously designed to cater to these needs. It covers all crucial topics like real numbers, polynomials, quadratic equations, triangles, and trigonometry in a detailed manner. The book includes solved examples, practice exercises, and multiple-choice questions, helping students practice and excel in their exams. Additionally, tips and tricks provided in the book aid in solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Guide to Class 10 Physical Education

Physical Education is an important subject that promotes overall health and well-being. The Class 10 Physical Education Book by Yellow Bird Publications provides a thorough understanding of the subject. It covers theoretical aspects like physical fitness, wellness, and sports, along with practical knowledge of various games and exercises. The book is designed to make learning engaging and fun. Encouraging students to take an active interest in maintaining their physical health.

Detailed Class 10 Physics Book

Physics is another subject that requires a clear understanding of concepts and principles. The Class 10 Physics Book from Yellow Bird Publications provides detailed explanations and numerous diagrams to help students visualize concepts better. Key topics such as light, electricity, magnetism, and the human eye are covered comprehensively. The book also includes various questions, from multiple-choice to descriptive types, ensuring students are well-prepared for their exams.

Benefits of Using Yellow Bird Publications Reference Books

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The books cover the syllabus prescribed by the board, ensuring students get all essential topics.
  2. Detailed Explanations: Concepts are explained clearly and concisely. Making it easier for students to understand and retain information.
  3. Practice Questions: Each book includes practice questions, ranging from objective to long-answer types, aiding thorough preparation.
  4. Previous Years’ Questions: Including previous years’ board exam questions helps students understand the exam pattern and difficulty level.
  5. Engaging Content: The language used in the books is engaging and easy to understand, making learning enjoyable for students.


Choosing the right reference book for Class 10 is crucial for success in board examinations. Yellow Bird Publications offers a range of high-quality reference books that cater to the needs of Class 10 students across various subjects. Whether it’s the Biology Class 10 Book, Chemistry Class 10 Book, Class 10 Hindi Book, or the Class 10 Physics Book, each book is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and thorough exam preparation. Students can confidently approach their board exams and achieve their academic goals with these books.

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